An addition to Kerala’s Beauty… WBG

August 18, 2015

Kerala, pride of Mother Nature is one of the most beautiful destinations for an ideal holiday. With monsoon around the corner, weather in Kerala would be perfect for watching nature enjoy its natural bath, cuddling with your loved ones. Take a walk on the trails covered by dense vegetation, with light drizzle of rain gently falling on your skin refreshing your mind, body and soul. Relish the taste of Chakada, steamed jackfruit with a perfect blend of sugar and rice, wrapped in a banana leaf along with other local delicacies of Kerala. WBG located in Wayanad, being designed amidst mother nature, an ideal place to experience the unique man made theme park surrounded by wonders of the nature. Make yourself free from your busy schedule and come along with your loved ones and experience WBG, the man-made wonder and the beauty of Mother Nature in her purest form.

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